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Visit our warehouse for advice and inspiration. B-Stone guarantees quality, customer-friendliness and proper service.

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Check out the live stock of BMB, our parent company in Belgium. All materials from BMB can be purchased from B-Stone.

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Customer, product and expertise Customer, product and expertise

These keywords best describe B-Stone. We strive to take our customers’ projects to the highest level by supplying quality and unique materials at the right price. Through the intensive cooperation with our parent company BMB, B-Stone can claim 3 generations of expertise in natural stone, quartz composite and terrazzo.

Safely en route, quickly on site Safely en route, quickly on site

B-Stone is located in Northampton. This central position in the UK makes us easily accessible for a warehouse visit where our experienced sta helps you find your preferred material from our various blocks. Thanks to our own transport fleet, the majority of our orders are delivered within 5 working days across the country, including Scotland and Wales.

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