The kitchen counters, something you’re going to see all day, every day, so why not spend that little bit extra making the appearance stand out and look luxurious? The kitchen worktop must be resistant and remain free of abrasions when in contact with a chemical cleaning product, food and liquids. Why should I choose quartz as my kitchen top?

What are the benefits of a quartz kitchen top?

Before we start discussing the advantages of using quartz as your countertops, we need to remind ourselves what exactly quartz is.

Quartz is an extraordinary building material; It is a very common natural mineral, it is processed together with silica sand, resins and powder to obtain a material used in homes. From an aesthetic point of view, it is very similar to marble and therefore, presents itself with the aesthetic beauty of no small importance.

The aesthetic factor is our first benefit, providing your home with that stylish, modern look at a reasonable price. Whilst looking similar to marble, the abrasion rate of quartz compared to marble is much greater. A quartz countertop can withstand scratches and abrasions. Not only that, but quartz also resists chemical cleaning products and acidic food products such as lemon.

It is also a highly hygienic material; this means that it can be cleaned very easily and quickly, without leaving a trace of dirt. Bacteria is unable to penetrate into the material, so dirt only gathers on the surface and can be removed quickly and efficiently.

Why should I choose a quartz kitchen worktop?

A quartz worktop consists of around 93% of natural quartz, depending on the type you set your decision on. Some quartz worktops include other materials like glass, this creates a dynamic texture and a unique appearance. Since quartz is a non-porous material, it is able to guarantee very high hygienic and antibacterial standards.

Furthermore, it is a material that is very resistant to abrasion, stains and acidic agents: it is impermeable to liquids, it is almost impossible to stain and it is very resistant to shocks. A set of advantages that ensures high resistance to stains and minimal maintenance of the work surface: in short, a quartz kitchen top is certainly very durable and beautiful to look at!

Besides being a durable and high-performance material, quartz also offers a wide range of natural colours: from whites to blacks to browns, up to bright colours or golden shades, even if, choosing a dark colour, the veins will not be visible and the colour will appear uniform.

Quartz kitchen worktops


The choice of a quartz kitchen worktop will not be purely aesthetic but will guarantee high-performance standards, superior to any other traditional material. If you would like to find out how we can help you, head over to our Home Page. If you have any questions or queries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, our friendly team are waiting to help you with your questions.