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Diresco Quartz Stone

What is Diresco Quartz?

Diresco, made in Belgium, is a high quality quartz stone composed of resin and granite or quartz granulates. A unique manufacturing process bonds these two natural materials into an incredibly strong and unrivalled material.

Diresco quartz excels at many levels: both scratch and stain resistance are greatly appreciated not only in the kitchen and in bathrooms but also in other areas of the house.

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Tension free


Stain resistant & liquid proof


UV resistant


Organic raw materials


Scratch resistant


Optimum stability & processability

Why Choose Diresco Quartz?

As a quartz supplier, Diresco has taken quartz surfaces one step further by introducing an entirely innovative range of quartz slabs based on ingenious BIO-UV technology.  With the aid of 100% plant-based UV resistant resins, Diresco have produced a completely new generation of ecological quartz surfaces that are exceptionally strong, versatile, externally applicable and fully recyclable.  This new technology makes it possible for this quartz stone to be also safely used outside without the risk of colour degradation.

Diresco quartz is suitable for both internal and external applications such as kitchen worktops, vanities, bath surrounds, showers, wet rooms, flooring, window sills, thresholds, fireplaces, staircases, table tops, reception desks, cladding, outdoor furniture and kitchens, facades etc.

Diresco quartz stone is easy to maintain and is a solid choice for comfortable living due to its supreme characteristics.

BIO-UV Technology

Dimensions & Surface Finish of Diresco Quartz

Diresco surfaces are available in BIO-UV jumbo size of +/- 3180x1550mm.  The old  slab size of +/- 3180x1440mm (non BIO-UV) is phased out.

All colours available in 30mm and in 20mm and the majority of colours also in 12mm. We offer Diresco quartz stone in a polished (shiny) and in a velvet (matte) finish.

  • Polished: this is a high gloss and radiant finish. This finish provides a “closed” top surface and is non porous with a very good resistance against staining.
  • Velvet: luxurious matte appearance with deep colours evoking a natural velvety soft feel.

Both the polished and velvet surfaces have a high density, are maintenance friendly and do not require any special protective treatment or sealing.

For information on care and maintenance, technical specifications and certificates, please visit www.diresco.be.

polished diresco

Polished Finish

Velvet diresco

Velvet Finish

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