Prepare yourself for a stunning visual experience of harmony between nature and technology. New shades, new dimensions, new beauty: experience the new Calacatta series.


The new range of quartz surfaces from TechniStone that will amaze everyone: majestic, elegant, impressive and breathtaking.

Iconic white background, interwoven with majestic and elegant dark veins. Dominant and yet seductive.  Unobtrusive and playful: these 2 new colours will surprise you.

Calacatta Amnis, full slab picture

Calacatta Silva, full slab picture

The current jumbo slab size of +/- 3180x1550mm of these colours will allow you to create larger surfaces without/with less seams or joints. There is even a new jumbo size of +/- 3200x1600mm in the TechniStone pipeline.

You can go for the sleek minimalistic look with a 20mm thick surface or choose the thicker 30mm.

Crystal Calacatta Amnis, kitchen

These 2 designs can also form a unique pair (marked Left / Right) to create a continuous mirrored pattern with the veins.  Slabs of the same colour can be matched up so that the adjoining surfaces mirror each other like an opened book (bookmatch).

TechniStone Crystal Calacatta Amnis, table and bookmatched fireplace

This quartz material is suitable for interior applications such as kitchen worktops, vanities, bath surrounds, showers, wet rooms, flooring, window sills, thresholds, fireplaces, staircases, furniture, table tops, reception desks, cladding etc.

Crystal Calacatta Silva, shower

Crystal Calacatta Silva, bathroom

Crystal Calacatta Amnis

TechniStone Crystal Calacatta Amnis & Crystal Calacatta Silva are available in jumbo slabs of +/- 3180x1550mm in both 20mm and 30mm.

The new jumbo size of +/- 3200x1600mm in 20 and 30mm will become available in the very near future (size 3180x1550mm will then be phased out).

Both designs are the perfect mix of durability, beauty, design, functionality and blend in wonderfully with modern and also more classic interiors. They come in a polished (shiny) finish enhancing the deep intense colour of the veins against the uniform white background. This polished surface has a high density, is maintenance friendly and does not require any special protective treatment or sealing.

B Stone Limited: exclusive UK distributor of TechniStone quartz surfaces: Contact us for more information.

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