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Quarried on all continents and transported over the seven seas, granite has been used as a building and ornamental stone for over centuries and is regarded as a symbol of strength and durability. Granite is an igneous natural stone created by extreme heat and pressure and cooled down deep in the earth’s crust. Other hard rock types are sometimes also commercially named granites – for ease of use – although purely geological they belong to a different (sub)classification.

This very strong natural stone is highly suited for internal use (kitchen worktops, vanities, bath surrounds, window sills, flooring, staircases, fireplaces, cladding, thresholds, table tops) as well as external use (patios, facades). Granite comes in a variety of colours, textures and thickness.

The colours we see in a granite are determined by the combination of minerals – such as f.i. feldspar, biotite, quartz etc. – present in the stone.  Deep black colours, multi-coloured, exotic appearances with veins, quiet look, busy with nice colour swirls: choice galore within the big granite family.  This material is 100% natural and every granite – even within the exact same type – can have a unique appearance that is different every single time.


Granite Finishes

There are plenty of surface finishes for a granite. The best finish for you depends on the style and atmosphere you want to create and also on the area in which the stone is going to be used: worktop, staircase, patio or fireplace. The surface finish of a granite can smooth or textured.

Smooth finishes:

  • A honed or matte finish is even and only slightly reflective. The honed finish is very often used for fireplaces and for flooring in areas with a slip risk such as bathroom floors. When used for kitchen worktops, this finish can be more prone to finger stains, smudges and other markings when not sealed properly.
  • Polished: this finish has closed the stone’s pores and has an almost zero porosity. The polished look is shiny and brilliant. This is the most popular granite surface as it really enhances the colours and is also easy to maintain.  Polished surfaces are very often used for kitchen worktops, fireplaces and cladding.

Textured finishes:

  • Flamed finish: this is a rough textured finish created by an induced thermic shock causing the grains on the surface to burst away. This anti-slip finish is primarily used for exterior applications such as patios, outdoor paths, swimming pool areas, staircases etc.
  • Anticato finish: a toned down version of the flamed finish, achieved by using abrasive brushes on the flamed surface to make it less textured. Used for kitchen worktops, cladding, fireplaces, staircases…
  • Leatherlook finish: gives the stone a textured, pebbly surface with an overall warm effect and a little bit of a rustic look. This surface has a soft sheen but is less shiny than the polished finish and has more depth than the honed finish. This texture is in between honed and polished and enhances the fact that the stone is a unique natural material.
  • Lepatura: the best way to describe this finish is “polished” leatherlook. The top surface of the pebbly effect has a real glossy look whereas the leatherlook has a much more softer sheen.

Not all finishes can be achieved for all types of granite as sometimes a finish will not bring out any aesthetic aspect of certain stones.


Steel Grey granite – Leatherlook finish


Granite Dimensions

Worktops in granite usually are 30mm thick with upstands and splashback in 20mm but you can also have a worktop in 20mm if you want to go for the sleek look.  Most fireplaces are made out of 20mm thick granite and a staircase will have treads in 30mm with risers in 20mm, for cladding 20mm thick granite can be applied.  Patios can have 20mm thick granite whereas for driveways (weight of vehicles) 30mm thick granite is recommended.

Granite is a natural stone quarried in big blocks and then cut into slabs of 20 and 30mm thick. The dimension of a granite slab depends on the size of the blocks that are available in the quarry and method of quarrying so this stone has no standard dimensions. Every block is unique and has a different size. Get granite in Northampton, Milton Keynes and Bristol for your home now.

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