Marble is a natural stone that’s uniquely beautiful and is often used to construct countertops, accents on furniture, and floors. It’s limestone that has gone under metamorphosis and combined with other natural elements and resulted in a material that’s veined with ranges of patterns and colours. If you want it to last for a long time, you should know how to properly take care of it as it’s easily dulled, stained and etched. Here’s a guide on how to maintain marble, remove stains and keep it looking polished:

Maintenance of marble


Protection against scratches

Marble needs to be protected from any possible scratches. Ensure that objects with sharp edges aren’t sat directly on the marble. If your floor is made of marble, it’s a great idea to use padding under table and chair legs. Protecting countertops from appliances and glasses can be done using mats and coasters.

Cleaning the surface

It’s also vital to clean the marble surface very frequently since it stains rather quickly. If a liquid was spilt on the surface and left for a period without cleaning, it could stain. Some liquids stain the surface a lot quicker than others, these include; red wine, coffee and fruit juice. So, it’s important to clean things up quickly.

Wiping with a damp cloth

For the cleaning of small spills and dust from marble floors and countertops, make use of soft cloths and warm water. Using rough cloths or other materials such as the rough side of a washing up sponge will harm the marble as it could lead to scratching of the surface. When cleaning up you should rub the surface in circular motions to prevent scratches.

Wiping the marble dry

Leaving pools of water to dry on the marble can cause damage to the surface and leave stains. So, after cleaning the surface with the damp cloth, use a dry soft cloth to wipe it dry.

Deep cleaning

Deep cleaning of the floor or countertop can be done using a marble cleaner or natural light soap. This helps remove any accumulated debris, dust, or grease. Soak a soft cloth in a diluted gentle soap with warm water and use it to clean the surface in circular motions.

Clean marble counter-top

Removing stains from marble surfaces

To remove stains from marble, the following steps are proven to be very effective:


Step 1: spray with water

The very first thing to do is to pick out the stained area of the surface and spray it with water.

Step 2: apply the cleaning product

There are thousands of chemicals in your local store which can lift stains, so picking the right one is key. When you purchase the product make sure you know all the facts about your marble surface, this will help you decide on the right product for you.

Step 3: remove the cleaning product

Follow the steps that are instructed on the back of the bottle, each chemical has different steps so make sure you study the instructions before doing anything.

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