Some people love a good kitchen spring clean. It is something that cannot be avoided, so you might as well get to it! And in fairness, there are some steps we can take to help make the task that bit easier. This includes creating a comprehensive kitchen spring clean checklist, which you can tick off as you complete each task. By organising yourself beforehand, then keeping organised as you go, it is amazing how much easier the chore becomes!

Below are some further tips and tricks to get the job done with less of a struggle and with a focus on a big part of everyone’s kitchen: the worktop.

Maintain Your Worktop

One of the reasons nasty stains build upon a worktop is because people often just clean the section they have been using, but you need to give the whole of the surface a good, deep clean. This includes regularly lifting items that sit on the worktop and cleaning where they were, otherwise, harsher marks are sure to appear. Be careful to remove any crumbs or other remains of foodstuffs, otherwise, those pesky pests, such as mice, might start to pay your home an unwanted visit.

Try and keep the items that live on your worktop to a minimum. Only have your everyday essentials. That way it stops things from becoming cluttered and is so much easier to clean. Always have your kitchen cleaning equipment kept somewhere that is within easy reach from all parts of your work surface, as this is an area that will need to be cleaned frequently.


Cleaning Granite Worktops

An effective way to clean a granite worktop is to take a nice hot, bubbly and soapy mix of water and apply it to a soft microfibre cloth. Use this to clean the granite and you should find it easier to clean. If you like, you could use a specially formulated product for granite worktops, but the above concoction should more than do the trick.


Cleaning Marble Worktops

So, you have a lovely, luxurious marble worktop? Make sure you give it the proper love and care it needs. The method is not too different from cleaning granite. Take a mix of warm water with some kind of natural cleaning product and apply the mixture using a sponge or a soft cloth, just not something that would scratch the surface. Once you dry and rinse the marble worktop, any grime should disappear with ease.

Cleaning Marble Worktop

Cleaning Quartz Worktops

The best order of cleaning steps to get your quartz worktop looking its best is to clean the worktop with warm water and then add a few drops of surface cleaner, or even an antibacterial detergent using a soft cloth. Then just rinse the surface thoroughly with clean water, dry with a soft cloth and you are done!


Cleaning Ceramic Worktops

Some people may be tempted to use a detergent that includes bleach, in an attempt to get their ceramic worktop super clean. But this would be incorrect. You could damage your worktop surface, so instead, opt for either a neutral (pH7), mild alkaline (pH 8-10) or mild acidic (pH 4-6) detergent mixed with warm water and wipe using a damp microfiber cloth.

Hopefully, after reading our blog, you may feel a bit better about tackling cleaning your kitchen and are ready to give your worktops the TLC they deserve! Have fun (if you can!) and remember the more you look after your kitchen worktops, the longer they will last and the less big cleans you’ll have to put them through!


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