Marble, a versatile material which is often used in kitchens, bathrooms, hallways, and more, adds a modern touch to any home or office. Marble is created by metamorphism, a natural method in which stone is produced. No two pieces of marble are the same, the natural process provides us with a beautiful stone in a variety of colours and styles. Marble is commonly used as an accent piece for that pop of luxury, its bold design makes any piece of furniture stand out. In this blog, we will discuss ways in which marble is used, that are perfect for any home.

Marble shower

Marble in showers is a great option for any homeowner. Marble doesn’t just look amazing in the bathroom but provides many other benefits; easy maintenance, increased property value, versatility and timeless beauty. Marble is well known for its uses in accent bathrooms, marble can uphold its beauty for hundreds of years. The maintenance of marble is near to nothing, a regular clean with a suitable product will keep your tiles sparkling.

Marble desk

Marble is a beautiful stone which deserves to be on display for everyone to see, so where better to put it than a tabletop/desk? Marble is available in an array of wonderful natural colours, perfect for all styles of homes – as there’s something to match any room or colour. Need a unique shaped table top? No worries, marble can be shaped however you wish. If cared for properly, your marble furniture could outlast every other piece in your home.

Marble Sink

Make your bathroom pop with a marble sink. Whilst looking extremely expensive and luxurious, a lot of marble has a reduced price compared to other natural stones. This is a great way to make your home look expensive without breaking the bank. The natural stone is sealed with a sealant, to increase resistance against water and stains. 

Marble floor

Marble floors scream elegance and luxury. The perfect way in which one can upgrade their home to look it’s utter best. Floors which are made from marble are very durable and can last a long time if looked after properly. Regular cleaning will keep your floors looking brand new. As marble is available in so many colours, you can pick one which best suits your needs. By adding an accent rug, you can bring your room to life even more, and when you get bored of that design replace it, no need to worry about clashing colours.

Marble stairs

Elegant, luxurious and beautiful – marble stairs make any home feel that little bit more special. Marble stairs are very easy to maintain and with easy cleaning there’s no need to worry about spillages and dirt. Marble is known for having a very long life. Keeping them clean and well-kept will keep them looking as good as new.

There are so many uses for marble and other types of natural stone, whether that be indoors or outdoors. Westminster Stone provides beautifully designed outdoor stoned areas for your home.

We hope that this post has inspired you to incorporate marble into the design of your home. If you have any questions or would like to talk to us about our selection of marble products and services, feel free to get in touch.