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What is marble?

Created by nature and expertly extracted by man, marble is formed by the metamorphism of limestone and consists primarily of calcite, dolomite and sedimentary elements.

Marble is softer than granite and is mainly used for vanities, bath surrounds, showers, window sills, flooring, staircases, cladding, furniture etc. The unique DNA of this natural stone provides a never seen diversity of colours and patterns and no 2 marbles are alike. The presence of deposits, iron, feldspar etc., determines the look of a marble. These impurities are sometimes arranged in bands or patches contributing to the allure of this stone.

Veined marbles are very versatile and can put a classic or modern stamp on your d├ęcor, dramatically coloured marbles provide an accent and incorporating warmer toned stones can create a well-balanced design.


Marble Finishes

The look and feel of marble is also determined by the type of surface finish you choose. Whether you want a stylish, chic or contemporary look, there is always a finish that matches your concept:

  • A honed or matte finish is even and only slightly reflective. Honed marble is very often used for flooring in areas with a slip risk such as bathroom floors.
  • Polished: this is a shiny and brilliant finish bringing out the colours of the material. Because of its elegance polished marble is a great choice for bathrooms, showers, fireplaces, staircases, cladding, etc.
  • Leatherlook finish: created by brushing a honed surface. Leathering gives a subtle texture and an extra sensory element to the stone. This surface enhances the fact that the stone is a unique natural material.

Not all finishes can be achieved for all types of marble as some stones are not suitable and sometimes a finish will not bring out any aesthetic aspect of certain stones.

Marble Dimensions

Marble is a natural stone material quarried in big blocks and then usually cut into slabs of 20 and 30mm thick.

The dimension of a marble slab depends on the size of the blocks that are available in the quarry and method of quarrying.

Every marble block is unique and has a different size.

Marble Quarry

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