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What is TechniStone?

TechniStone, made in Czech Republic, is a premium, compact, durable and non-porous quartz surface consisting mainly of carefully selected natural materials (quartz and granite), colour pigments, sometimes crushed mirrors, bound with a high performance polyester resin.

This man-made product combines the creativity of nature and the durability of modern materials and is available in a wide variety of colours, finishes and thickness.

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Why choose TechniStone?

As quartz suppliers TechniStone attach great importance to their product mix of durability, beauty, design and functionality.  This ensures this surface is hard wearing, low absorbent and easy to maintain.

The wide colour range of TechniStone products offers creative solutions for your individual design ideas in both residential and commercial environments. This quartz material is suitable for interior applications such as kitchen worktops, vanities, bath surrounds, showers, wet rooms, flooring, window sills, thresholds, fireplaces, staircases, furniture, table tops, reception desks, cladding etc.

Daily contact with your TechniStone surface is why high standards are set for its quality and purity. This material meets the strictest European and American standards for food contact. TechniStone is also committed to protecting the environment and is in compliance with European and international directives.

High bacteria resistance

High bacteria resistance

Made of natural raw materials

Made of natural raw materials

High Scratch Resistance

High scratch resistance

Natural juices resistance

Natural juices resistance

Long lifetime & durability

Long lifetime & durability

Quartz product

Quartz product

Stain resistance

Stain resistance



Dimensions & Surface Finish of TechniStone

TechniStone quartz surfaces are available in slab size of +/- 3050x1425mm and some colours also come in a jumbo size of +/- 3185x1550mm. A new jumbo size of +/- 3200×1600 is in the pipeline.  The dimensions are always the same as this is a man-made product. This material is made in both 30mm and 20mm with some colours also in 12mm.

We offer TechniStone quartz in a polished (shiny) finish with some colours also available in a matte finish.

  • Polished: this is a high gloss finish wonderfully enhancing the surface colours and brighting up any interior. Easy to maintain.
  • Matte: much lower gloss level with a warm feel.

Both the polished and matte surfaces have a high density, are maintenance friendly and do not require any special protective treatment or sealing.

For information on care and maintenance, technical specifications and certificates, please visit

Polished worktop
Matt worktop

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