During the famous design fair ‘Salone del Mobile’ in Milan earlier this year, the terrazzo look was everywhere; floors, worktops, staircases, wall cladding and decorative features.

The wheel of design is always turning at Diresco so they decided to breathe new life into traditional terrazzo by giving by it a spin. Together with Bram Bollen* Diresco have injected modernity into traditional terrazzo.

Using the traditional cement based terrazzo for a kitchen worktop is challenging to say the least but Diresco was able to create 5 new trendy colours that are quartz based and thus have the same strength, durability and ease of maintenance of a modern quartz surface.

With a keen eye for detail they have made a fresh and contemporary design.  The new Terrazzo series have a very fine grained and uniform background together with the same unique fragments as basic ingredient.  These colour combinations create surprising contrasts and one-of-a-kind accents:

  • Terrazzo Black: black background – medium grey fragments.
  • Terrazzo White: white background – black and light grey fragments.
  • Terrazzo Grey: uniform grey background – black fragments.
  • Terrazzo Crea Light: light grey background – black and white fragments.
  • Terrazzo Crea Dark: dark grey background – black and white fragments.

The refined simplicity and detailing of these new colours allows the designs to be used in both minimalistic spaces and classically furnished interiors.  Terrazzo is a reflection of our rich design past and contemporary character.

These new colours come in jumbo slabs of +/- 3180x1550mm in both 20 and 30mm and are available in both polished (shiny) and in velvet (matte) finish.  The polished finish has an impeccable lineair reflection that presents depth and sophistication to the material.  The velvet surface has a matte and non-reflective finish that is much softer to the eye and touch.

These new surfaces can be used indoor and also outdoor thanks to the new revolutionary BIO-UV technology used by Diresco.

Bio UV Tech

Terrazzo Black

Terrazzo White

Terrazzo Grey

Terrazzo Crea Light

Terrazzo Crea Dark

* Bram Bollen has set up Plan B, a creative design studio where renowned design labels and brands are at the forefront.

Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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