These days there are more options than ever when it comes to bathroom tiles. Some people may even find the choice a little overwhelming. But certain tiles do stand out as being the better choice for the bathroom area, including the shower section, and we will be having a look at these in this article.

Marble Tiles

First of all, let’s look at the marble tiles. Marble tiles can be a great option as they add a unique, classy look to any bathroom space. What’s more, is that they are an excellent choice for shower tiles. Their natural, lightly patterned black on white design helps prevent a bathroom from looking all one colour and potentially boring, but it’s subtle and not overkill. They are also a good choice for keeping plenty of light in the bathroom. You can also purchase marble effect tiles that provide that premium look of marble without the necessary maintenance. Shopping around you can find some great deals and they offer a sort of ‘timeless’ style that will never really go out of fashion!


When considering the price factor, granite is a good money saver. Looking at like for like costs, there is a good chance you will find granite tiles will work out the best value. Granite can come in all sorts of shades including black, grey and browns. Another plus point is that granite is a surface that is practically impenetrable to liquids, meaning that it is ideal for bathroom walls and the potential moisture that will arise.


Quartz tiles are another attractive choice. They can have designs which mimic a very natural, bathroom stone look, however as they are put together with a process and not made from a fully natural material, the options are endless. For example, if you want to add some sparkle to your bathroom you could have a quartz tile design with a glittery style. Not only are there numerous style options, another benefit of this type of tile is that it is very good from a health viewpoint – quartz tiles are non-porous so they do not harbour germs or bacteria, but it also does not absorb water, bacteria or germs.


The final tile option we will be looking at is the ceramic tile. This type of tile can be found in many homes, including the bathroom area. This is a highly durable tile that offers protection from abrasion and stains, and they do not need as much maintenance as some other types will. As for the style aspect, you can find just about any shade you are likely to need. Not only this, various attractive patterns can be found in all sorts of interesting designs. Although all of the tile types featured in this article could prove to be a benefit for your bathroom design, you should consider what fits your overall needs the most. At a push, ceramic tiles should perhaps be your first point of consideration when balancing price, styles, ease of installation and durability.


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